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What Is Rich Media

What Is Rich Media?

As technology advances and the ad-tech world keeps moving and rolling forward we find new and better ways to serve ads to users. As a result, what used to be new and cutting edge can be considered as standard today. Advertisers are always looking for new ways to attract attention and get as many people to view their ads. The new and cutting edge technology can be seen in many different aspects of advertising but today we will talk about Rich Media.

According to DoubleClick (Google):
“Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.”

The high focus on rich media today is due to the constant change in the level of sensitivity we have for ads today. Some people are more sensitive than others. Some people can browse through an entire website without paying any attention to the different kinds of ads. While others, will stop and look at each ad and interact with them. Many people consider this to be the result of a different technological environment we grew up in.  Basically, what I mean is that the old / standard / regular ads can work on older people, however, young people are immune to them.

Therefore Ad-Tech companies are always looking for new and advanced ways to reach people. Today, you can see new generation ads such as:

  • Video, VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition)
  • Expanding ads
  • Floating BannersRich Media
  • Push-down, Peel-down
  • LightBox, In video, Image takeover


Bottom line, Rich Media are new and advanced ad units with the sole purpose to interact with the target audience. The user, in return, will engage and see what the advertiser is trying to show him.


Here are some of the top networks that understand challenges publishers face in trying to create a positive and custom advertising experience for their users while maximizing ad revenue:

  1. PropellerAds – A first class Ad network providing qualified services to websites, mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide. Great performance and advanced targeting options. propellerads.com
  1. Adsupply – A top ranking ad platform that delivers viewable, high impact ad formats for brands, agencies and publishers. As of October 2016, Adsupply is the 20th largest US advertising audience as measured by comScore. comScore the authority on internet audience measurement. adsupply.com
  1. Advertise.com – A top notch company, very professional. They have advanced targeting options and a lot of traffic. Whether you want better performing ad campaigns, or higher revenues from your site traffic through competitive bids, relevant ads and constant “Fill”. They have great account managers and a helpful support.  advertise.com
  1. First Impression – Offers a wide range of Rich Media tools. They have cutting edge, flexible, and super-quick solutions for advertisers and publishers. Helping them create, manage, and monetize any type of ad product. firstimpression.io
  1. Sovrn – offers a complete suite of advertising tools for display, mobile and video. From header bidding to VPAID and VAST video, OnScroll InView ads and cross-platform content distribution. Their support team are always happy to help with ins and outs of header bidding and how to set up your waterfall to the latest on social media platforms. www.sovrn.com




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