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What Are Performance Advertisers Looking For In Publisher Websites

Publisher Websites, Find Out What Performance Advertisers Are Looking For 

attractive publisher websites

Tips For Making Attractive Websites For Advertisers:

Advertisers are looking for attractive publisher websites to place their ads. They don’t want to waste money sending ads and not seeing any results. Here i will talk about 3 tips Making your website attractive for Advertisers. An ideal site will want users to return to the site, share articles from the site and tell all their friends about it.   

  • Clean sites

Advertiser are looking for publisher websites that will perform for the long run. They are looking for sites that they can target and get the performance they are looking for. Long lasting sites are usually sites that have a good UI experience. Thus, attracting new users but most importantly keeping current users coming back to the site. This is why the site can not bombard user with to much ads that will push away the users. And unless you have x rated sites you can not have offensive ads and banners that could push people away.

Clean sites will have a direct effect on 2 important tools advertisers uses to assess website before they place their ads. The first one is bounce rate (this refers to users go into sites and leave right away). Always strive to have a low bounce rate. The second one is “time on site” this shows the average time a user spends on a website – the longer the better.

  • Keeping users on site

The best way to keep you user around is to engage him, try getting him active on your site. First, have long and interesting article. If he finds the content interesting, he will stay longer are read more articles. Today there are widgets suggesting articles to users by their interests.These widget is very effective in keeping users on site and engaged. Advertisers love sites with these widgets, it gives them more options to show ads. Another way is to have a comment section, let him be part of the site. You can also engage users with small interactive widgets, short surveys, pop quizzes and more. Another effective way is to use Rich media. This includes having ad units that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.

  • performing ad units

Make sure your ads unites are performing well, if they are, advertisers will be targeting them more often. In addition, advertisers will be bidding on them, this will increase the their value. In time your RPM will go up. One way to test ad units is A/B testing. If an ad unit doesn’t perform well – change it. Do not hesitate to make changes, in time you will find what work best for your site.

Keep in mind there are 2 term you should remember that are especially relevant (there are much more, but let’s stick with these 2): Above the fold (ATF)– ads that you see right away on your screen going into a website. Below the fold (BTF) – ads you need to scroll down to see, these might be considered as view ed but don’t be so sure the user saw them. BTF do not perform as well as ATF , the advertiser might see that your site isn’t performing well and not target you again. Consider not using BTF for performance advertisers, for them it is a numbers game. Your site might be great but you lost the advertiser. 

In conclusion, making attractive publisher websites for advertisers is not as easy as one would think. It is also not impossible! Publishers need to think about their users one the one hand and on the other hand they need to be attractive for advertisers. You need to find the right balance to maximize your profit. Publishers are approached by Ad Network and Ad-Tech companies all the time, in many cases it is best to outsource to an ad management company. Doesn’t matter what you chose to do, Always be up to date with new technologies, do not be afraid of change. This world is growing fast and you need to be on top of it.
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