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What Is It Dynamic Allocation

Dynamic Allocation – what is it?

DFP, ADX, and Adsense are all Google products and Dynamic Allocation is the technology that allows each product to “talk” to each other. This gives Google a huge advantage in the ad serving due to Google controlling the adserver (DFP), the exchange (Adsense) and the premium exchange (ADX).

Dynamic allocation also ensures that Adsense/ADX will have the last opportunity to compete against the networks or direct sales. As the owners of the inventory, we always want to maximize the revenue. Therefore, it’s a good idea to allow Google to compete in a smarter way using Dynamic Allocation (in addition to ADX rules).

There are two types is dynamic allocation:

  1. Inventory level – Dynamic Allocation

Here’s how we can allow Google to compete by creating a “direct connection” between DFP and ADX. All we need to do is add the V on the check box (on each ad unit created, see below) and Google will always fill the impression with an ad. This is not the best solution, but the option exists.

How can you activate this option?  See below:


Dynamic Allocation - DFP
Dynamic Allocation – DFP

2. Line Item/Order Level – Dynamic Allocation

Before using this option we need to make sure that DFP has enabled “3rd party services” (See below).


(If you don’t see the option in your DFP contact us and we will try to help)

After Google enables the ADX line item, you will now have the option to create ADX/Adsense line items.

It will look like this:


If you are using Adsense so the name of the creative will be pulled automatically into the DFP and will just have to choose between the different creatives. Visit https://hughesairco.com.

If you are using ADX – you will have to copy/paste the creatives from the ADX into the DFP. After you activate the line item you will have the option to control ADX Dynamica Allocation to serve each impression using DFP. This is the preferred way to use the dynamic allocation.

Good for you! Your DFP is now ready to go!

If you need extra help, please feel free to contact us directly,

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