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What Is Ad Operation?

What is Ad Operation and why do we need it?

Let’s say that we have news site, and we have 2-3 Million Unique Users per month. Like all the rest we want to earn and maximize our earnings, how do we do that? We can use Ad Operations to do that.

For example, we can decide to allocate some of the impressions to Google ADX, and a few other networks, or we can even decide to use RTB technologies between them.

If we use the Ad operation wisely we can increase the revenue by 50%.

Google allows you to use the best tool that they have for free (DFP) you can contact us for free implementation.

Direct Deals – Ad Operation

The most important thing about ad operation is the ability to allocate the impressions between direct deals and programatic revenue. Let’s say that your sales team just closed a deal with a direct advertiser. They promised the advertiser 1 Million impression, GEO is US, Device is mobile only, and we want a FC (frequency cap) of 2:24.

Without an ad server or an ad operations solution you can’t do that. Using DFP or any other adserver you can now process this kind of deal and even make them compete against Google ADX.

Ad Operation’s Main Objective

The main objective is to decide what is the best way to serve each impression for each specific case. Which impressions need to be “sent” to Google. Which impressions are guaranteed to the networks, and which impressions are remnant impression. Last, we want to sell 100% of our impressions, we do not want to see any unfilled impressions on our site.

For more information feel free to contact us directly.

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