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Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network, Do We Need It?

This is one of the best mobile web monetization solutions, the Facebook audience network did it.

Let’s start from the bottom line – they are pretty good, let’s look at the results.

Audience network

Facebook is working only on mobile, and the best way to integrate as a demand source is using the DFP .

The fill rate is very impressive so as the CPM, We need to remember to add the pass back, you can add regular Adsens code or DFP code, the DFP must be “passback” code.


Facebook has three kinds of formats:


Looks like a regular 300*250, and perform the same.

Interstitial (Apps only)

Perform very well, if it’s strictly on the page so the Admob is needed (As mediation).


Regular 320*50 as we know it from ADX or Adsense.

Does it worth it?

Yes. They pay well and the integration is very simple.

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