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The Best CPM Networks

The Best CPM Networks:

CPM (Cost Per Impression) is the best way to earn more money from your website traffic. If you don’t want to rely on clicks, CPM ads are the answer. CPM ads pay you when a user goes to your site, even if they didn’t click on anything. Therefore, a site owner must be familiar with all the CPM networks.

  1. By far the best performing CPM network is Google ADX (Adexchange), using ADX you have multiple advantages. The first being brand safe, protecting your brand using smart rules. ADX has 100% coverage World-Wide. This means you can enjoy a high paying network with the biggest demand in the world. There is a downside to ADX, you can only get access to ADX if you are a really big site.  Another option to gain access to ADX is to use Adnimation. They have a network license that can give access to their partners.
  2. Adsense – the second best network is Adsense, like ADX , Adsense has world wide demand. However, compared to ADX, Adsense is under performing, and has the user has less control over the creative and pricing.
  3. Criteo – they are re-targeting network, usually the CPM is very high, but the fill rate needs to be monitored. If the fill rate is too low, most likely the overall revenue will be lower. Although the CPM is relatively high, be careful to make sure your fill rate is good.
  4. Adblade – The strength of Adblade is their content recommendation engine. They also do display, but if you want to use powerful content ads, it is recommended to try them.
  5. Converstant media – this company formerly called ValueClick, Their UI is pretty complicated, and they ask for pre approved sites only. Their fill rate and CPM are pretty good when the impressions are from English speaking countries.
  6. The Rubicon Project – It’s not easy getting a tag from this network, but if they approve your site, they usually perform well. They have private deals as demand partners and they have a big private marketplace, so the fill is usually pretty high and so is the CPM.

If you have any question about any networks please fell free to contact us directly and we will do our best to help, we know them all.

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